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"Snelgrove Travel... where we beat internet prices"

What does Snelgrove Travel offer that you can't get on the Internet? Better value & service!

1.) We usually beat Internet prices (Orbitz, Expedia etc) on cruises & vacations.
2.) We can put reservations on hold without payment. The Internet won't let you do this.
3.) We only require a deposit, the Internet travel sites want full payment.
4.) We accept cash, check or credit cards. The Internet sites only accept credit cards.
5.) 1 in 5 Internet travel buyers encounter some sort of problem requiring more time or money.
6.) We speak English & answer the phone by the 3rd ring. Good luck with Internet customer service in India or Pakistan.
7.) Buying local keeps your tax dollars here & supports local jobs & schools. If you buy travel on the Internet, you are sending jobs & tax dollars out of state & out of the country.

Office: 145 W. Gentile Street Layton, Utah 84041